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9 Things My Unhappiest Moments In Life Taught Me About How To Be Happy

Happiness is not something we find, it’s something we create and cultivate within ourselves. Happiness is not a tangible thing that we can acquire and capture in a jar, it’s a practice that is shaped by our thoughts.


When I first started pursuing a career in the entertainment industry I had attached happiness as a by-product of “making it”. I had the idea in my head that once I got my life to a certain place and my career to a certain position that I would suddenly be happy and satisfied with my life. For some reason, I associated this future successful version of myself as the point where I’d finally find happiness.

While I still think that success will elevate your life to a higher level, it’s not going to suddenly transform you from an unhappy person into a happy person. They say fame, success and money will magnify what you already are — so if you’re unhappy before fame, money and success then you actually become unhappier after achieving those things. For the reason, that you had put the weight of everything you are into that thing that you thought would change your life and suddenly make you happy — and after figuring it that was not the answer after all — you feel even more empty than you did before because your mindset to sacrifice happiness in the present moment in order to achieve your goals and find happiness “down the road” turned out to be a giant croc of shit.

Here’s the thing: success is a pleasure but it’s not true happiness. Success comes and it goes. The lure of accomplishment on one project captures us for a few fleeting moments, and then we’re looking for the next rush of success that can fill us up for another moment. I know being an ambitious person, there are a lot of people who fear being too content with their present moment because it’s going to rob their ambition, make them lazy and less motivated to transform and improve their life. The fear that potentially being too enlightened is going poison their innate, burning desire to become successful and achieve excellence.

You know, the certain stigma that those who are very spiritual are poor and unsuccessful because their anti-capitalist attitude and belief that chasing money and power is a corruption of the soul. Therefore, finding inner peace and achieving spiritual enlightenment takes precedence over being successful. While striving for success at the expense of absolutely anything is not a mentality I can get behind. I also believe that you can find inner peace, joy and gratitude while maintaining a hard-driving, Type-A, ambitious mindset.

For myself, personally, I realized that this great pursuit of finding “success” was actually a rather hollow endeavour. That’s because I got tired of forging my present day happiness for some payoff of “down the road” happiness after I’d reached my dreams and achieved my goals. I had all these ideas in my head that attached happiness to certain things that I did not already have. Not only that but I’d put my potential happiness into the hands of volatile and dangerous things that weren’t even guaranteed such as recognition, attention and achievement.

Through my own infliction, I’d created a reoccurring story in my mindset and thinking that didn’t allow me to be happy. I robbed myself of my own happiness by giving its power away to things out of my control. Happiness is not something we find, it’s something we create and cultivate within ourselves. Happiness is not a tangible thing that we can acquire and capture in a jar, it’s a practice that is shaped by our thoughts. It takes practice, work and a deep understanding of its source. Once I truly learned this: I regained my power and ability to be happy right now, with everything I am and everything I have right now.

With that being said, here are the 9 most important lessons that my unhappiest moments in my life taught me about how to find happiness RIGHT NOW with EVERYTHING YOU HAVE and EVERYTHING YOU ARE.

Your relationship with yourself is task #1 on the happiness ‘to do list’


To find happiness and peace within ourselves we need to learn to talk to ourselves like we’re someone whom we respect deeply. We must take care of us and put us first, rather than engage in self-destructive behaviour that sabotages ourselves by putting us in patterns where we lose self-respect.

It’s important that we recognize our own internal narrative, which we developed early on and became our default self-talk pattern. If this pattern is something that is ultimately negative and destructive to our happiness and well being, then we must begin to learn a new pattern that will give us a default highway to happiness, rather than negativity.

For people who are anxious or depressed, the pattern of how they speak to themselves becomes inherently negative and self-destructive, “I’m not good enough,” “Things will never work out for me,” or “Nothing good ever happens”. When we speak to ourselves negatively, the lens in which we view the world becomes negative. So, if you’re unhappy then, first, look to your inner voice to see what patterns you’ve developed that are creating the framework for your own perception of your life.

For some people, this destructive inner voice can be rooted in trauma — being bullied in childhood and adolescence, or feelings of being an “outsider” their whole life that have caused them to think they’re weird or different and not good enough. It’s this innate wiring and internal storytelling that prevents so many of us from being free of pain and allowing ourselves to feel like we’re enough. But when we live in that pain we’re allowing others to be the narrators of our story. Ultimately, we take control of our story when we finally learn to forgive ourselves and love ourselves.

Real, rooted happiness, ultimately begins and ends with your relationship with yourself. If you don’t love yourself, then you have no love to give to the rest of the world.

Push toward success but pull back to gratitude


One of the biggest mistakes I made when I first started to get motivated in my life (and career) was that I went to a very extreme end of the spectrum: I shut myself off from so many areas of my life because being so “newbie” motivated I believed that you had to go ALL IN and sacrifice everything in order to achieve your career (and passion) goals. But I quickly realized that, while work ethic and focus toward your goals and dreams is paramount, it doesn’t work when you extract everything else from your life at its expense. There is a middle ground that allows you to maintain a life while building your dream career and sticking to your personal development.

The middle ground?

Keep pushing yourself towards success while continuously grounding that pursuit of success in gratitude for who you are and everything you have right now. If you push towards success too hard, with too much of a tunnel focus, your entire life passes you by because you’re so focused on being successful that you take so many of life’s most important things for granted. If we live with too much focus on the future or this ‘future successful version of ourselves,’ then our life can unravel from beneath us, without us even knowing.

Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to be successful, make money and actually make our life better that we forget to actually enjoy our lives for what they are right now. We live in this perpetual state of living for the future that we don’t relish the present moment.

This is where we must always remember that success is an uncatchable carrot. We’ll never be 100% satisfied. Our thirst will never be fully quenched. When we achieve one goal, we’ll set another and it’ll will keep going literally until the day we die.

If you can learn to practice gratitude on daily basis, know when to STOP and unplug and reprioritize, know that no success is worth ruining the most important and valuable relationships in your life for…then you’re able to push forward to success in a deep, authentic, connected and mindful way that will not only allow you to be happy right now, but also achieve the success you desire.

If you think you must forgo your present moment happiness in order to be successful and achieve your goals, you will never actually be happy at all. That’s because success can add to what you already have but relying on it to fill you entirely is a trap.

Love the process of what you’re doing. Not the rewards or payoffs associated with what you’re doing


How you make your money is far more important than making money or how much money you make. For this reason, I do not consider people to be successful who make a lot of money if they do not love how they make the money. In other words, the payoff means shit if you don’t love the process of what you’re doing. How could you consider someone to be successful if they’re miserable and unhappy?

So, if you do not love the process of whatever it is you’re doing in life, you’re already setting yourself up to be unhappy. This is why you really need to understand your WHY? WHY are you doing whatever it is you’re doing?

If you’re making that choice based off the potential reward or payoff of doing that thing, versus the experience that you will gain from doing that thing then you’re setting yourself up for disaster. It’s like people who choose career paths solely because of the salary or paycheque, which essentially means they’re leaving their happiness in the hands of a payoff or reward they experience on a bi-weekly basis (paycheque) that is going to make them feel good for two minutes before it fades away like every other external reward. When you live your life based off rewards and payoffs but hate the process, or are bored by the process, then you’re actively setting up self-limiting beliefs within yourself that say: I only deserve to be happy part of the time or it’s normal for people to only be happy part of the time.

The thing is: money comes and it goes. But happiness, when cultivated correctly, stays. That’s because it becomes indestructible by outside forwards because it’s created by the power within.

When I first started writing, while I loved the process, I often overlooked the process to potential payoffs or rewards down the road that I could obtain through the process of whatever it is I was doing. You know, that disillusioned idea of “making it” or becoming a “known person” or building up a big following and getting a lot of attention for the stuff I was doing. I started working on new projects and built up this idea in my head that it could lead to a big breakthrough and I would finally put my name on the map and make something of myself. After enough disappointments, enough feelings of being unhappy because of placing my value on the unreliable external rewards, I decided it was time to reprioritize what I considered to be successful.

For me now, it’s been reprioritizing the craft. Craft is everything. It’s been getting back to the joy of the process of creating. Who gives a fuck about finding a breakthrough or achieving attention and recognition for the things you create, but rather engaging with work and projects that make you feel good and inspired while you’re doing them. Success is now about feeling good about your own growth and evolution as an artist. If I feel I’m continuing to grow and improve every time, then I’m being successful and achieving my goals. Whatever comes from it, that’s out of my control.

Coincidentally, when you strip your focus down to the process and the joy of the process, the work you create actually is more likely to resonate with an audience in a deeper way than if you prioritized “what perks this work could bring to you”. You actually become more successful by not trying to be successful at all. In artistic work, an audience can tell when we are telling the truth. When you really tell the truth and the work is created from a place of sheer pain or joy, the audience can tell, and they’re more likely to listen when they know you aren’t bullshitting them.

The real kicker here: by placing success on improvement and the process of creation. You’re investing your energy into the appropriate, authentic spaces. By doing so, you achieve happiness simply by doing the thing, with complete disregard for the payoff of doing the thing. So whatever external success you may or may not achieve from doing the thing, it actually doesn’t even really matter, and if success does find you, it appropriately becomes simply a pleasure or a bonus for the amazing experience you just had.

True happiness is all about the process of doing things, not the result of having done them. Just as it’s not about the destination, but rather the quality of our journey that determines our happiness. So find experiences in life and invest your time into things that bring you joy from simply doing them. When we look past the process and infatuate ourselves with results, we’re mistaking happiness with the seduction of a momentary pleasure. Never forget the difference.

There will always be things to stress and worry about


I know if you’re like me but you’re always looking to find that clean slate in life. A slate that is free of major stress and worry. Whatever concerns you may have: health, financial, personal or career wise. We all look for that place in our lives where everything is firing on all cylinders: we’re in great shape and feeling awesome, we’re connected with community and friends and our business is making a ton of money and we’re finding success. But then, something happens (a new stress or worry) and we’re suddenly in crisis mode and our great state of mind is derailed for however long we’re dealing with that particular thing.

I’m a hypochondriac. I have horrible anxiety. It mostly stems from a worry about my health. I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve rushed myself to the emergency room in the middle of the night because I thought something was seriously wrong with me. This constant worry has led to horribly depressing periods in my life where my mental state was so fucked up and I was desperate to do anything to just feel “normal” again.

These anxious periods have always derailed my happiness. I always felt that I could never find happiness when I had an issue I was dealing with or worrying about because it took up so much real estate in my mind that there was no room for joy or laughter because my demons and worry dragons had thrown the world’s worst party and invited all their awful friends over to shit on my happiness and puke all over my peace of mind.

So I’d be happy for a few months, feeling good. Then something would come up that would thrust my good state off a cliff and I’d suffocate myself into survival mode for the next three months. Wasting time. Isolating myself. Shutting myself off from the world. My happiness was fragile and fleeting because of my inherent, innate tendency to immediately go catastrophic in my head.

And then I found meditation, which was the starting point in helping me learn how to keep the enemies in my head at bay. But mostly, I got so tired of feeling fucking awful all the time. Life is short. I didn’t want to be miserable anymore. I wanted to be happy. I knew that my joy and happiness was my right and I was going to fight for it. So I had to do everything in my fucking power to learn how to control my thoughts and remove my own self-enforced internal suffering once and for all.

This is what regular meditation practice has taught me: your life will never be free of stress or worry. In other words, we will NEVER have a clean slate. There is always going to be something lodged at the back of our mind that is eating away at us every single day. The key is how we react to that stress, or how we manage it or allow it to take up real estate in our minds.

Stresses and worries will continuously cycle and flow through your life. You will eradicate one worry or stress, but another will soon reveal itself. It’s an endless cycle. It’s the nature of life.

It’s important to ask yourself if this certain stress or worry is even going to be an afterthought a year from now?

If not. If it’s something that will eventually solve itself, there is no sense in allowing it to ruin your present moment of happiness. Just allow it to exist, to be there right now. Just don’t give it the power to derail or consume you. Have faith that it will work itself out in time, just as all things do, which you’ve learned firsthand from new stresses and worries entering your life and leaving your life.

Once we learn that these bumps in life never completely go away. It allows us to continue to hold onto peace when things get a little rocky, or we get unlucky and some hand of misfortune comes our way. This builds a protective layer or moat around our happiness (things we can control by how we interpret them) versus external forces we can’t control (life stresses and worries) because we know these stresses and worries are simply just waves rocking the boat a little, strong enough for us to know they’re there, but not strong enough to drown us.

If you’re waiting for a clean slate (or a life firing on all cylinders) and a stress and worry-free time period in your life to be happy, then like my happiness, it will be fleeting and fragile, and you’ll end up spending so much of your life unhappy and unproductive when you could have fought harder for your happiness and told yourself that happiness and joy is your right. Nobody can give you that joy or take that joy away from you, but you. So fight for it. Don’t let worry and stress beat your tenacity to feel joy in your life.

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships


I have a quote book where I write down quotes that really resonate with me…and this particular quote is one of the ones in that book I connect with the most and really take to heart. I truly believe this to be true. At the end of someone’s life you never hear someone say, “Oh! I wish I worked more!” No! when faced with the prospect of death, people regret things like, “I wish I chased that dream I never had the courage to pursue,” or “I wish I spent more time with my kids and made more memories with them,” or “I wish I kept better in touch with my friends!”

For the large majority, people’s regrets in life when faced with the prospect of death, are all related to their PERSONAL LIFE. To their inter-personal relationships. This is also why you will see the major complaint of unhappy or depressed people is that they’re lonely. Loneliness, isolation and not feeling connected to other people is a major source of human unhappiness.

When I was a teenager, and into the first half of my twenties, I was insanely social and a big connecter of people. I had tons of friends and had so many connections with people. But the problem is that I had absolutely zero focus in my life from a career sense. I had no idea what my purpose or calling was. Then, in my mid-twenties I discovered my passion and true calling, writing. From there, I invested everything into this calling and direction. To the point that I began to isolate myself from friends and stopped putting the effort into maintaining strong inter-personal relationships. While, I’d found purpose and satisfaction with this new dream and passion, something that had been missing, I’d done so at the expense of investing time and energy into my personal relationships. Without those strong connections on a regular basis, I became really unhappy and depressed.

This where I realized that success, while important, means absolutely jack shit if you don’t have an amazing community of people around you to help you get there. It means nothing if you don’t have so much love in your life filling you up on a daily basis. While success is nice, it’s a pleasure, an aesthetic and luxury in life. It’s not essential. When we make it essential, our souls get into trouble. It was through this unhappiness that I learned that we must never rely on the success and make it essential to our lives. We must strive for success but not need it at the same time. When we can cultivate a life for ourselves where we strive for success but not ultimately need it to be fulfilled and happy, we have a winning formula for happiness. Success will come and go, as so much of it is out of our control. But ultimately, we determine the fate of our happiness by the quality of our personal relationships.

No matter how much success you find, or how great your life suddenly becomes, none of it will matter if you don’t have an amazing community of people around you. The quiet, seemingly insignificant moments with those you love the most, will in fact be the most significant moments of your life.

You can’t be happy without knowing what actually makes you happy


One of the major keys to being happy is understanding what makes you happy in the first place. All humans are different and there are different things that make us content and bring us peace. Sometimes we’ve been living in a way that has prevented us from being happy and stepping into our greatest self. While we know what we need to do in order to feel good and just have buckled at the knees at its beckon, or we’ve just got caught living and doing things that we may want, but not ultimately need, in order to be happy.

If we aren’t happy it’s completely our fault. We’re choosing to think in a way that isn’t allowing us to be happy. Or we continue to allow ourselves to live in such a way that makes us miserable. Often this way we’ve been living is something that has been born into us. It’s how we learned to think from a young age and how we associated ourselves with our environment and peer group. For many people, this became a negative association or an association that held us back from things we desired.

This is where self-awareness comes into play and understanding how you think and how you’re going about your life that is holding you back from the joy you desire. We stick to these familiar ways of thinking and living because they’re comfortable and it’s what we’ve come to know. But at any moment, we can make a choice to change our lives in a way that will allow us to be happy and find the things we desire. Change is scary and it forces us to be uncomfortable and question everything that has brought us to the place we’re.

I have a friend who has been going through a tough time recently. He’s come to the state of mind where he genuinely believes that he’ll never be happy. So I asked him, “Have you ever been happy before?” Unsurprisingly, he answered with a resounding “Yes!”.

So what I asked him to do was write in a journal for 5-10 minutes every morning when he first wakes up about times in life when he was happy. I wanted him to write in detail moments, experiences and time periods in his life where he was truly happy. Then, at the end of every week I wanted him to go through the pages of his journal and write down key words that summarized those experiences (times he was happy).

These words could be things like ‘love,’ ‘inspiration,’ ‘energy,’ ‘health,’ ‘creativity’ etc. They’re the common themes and patterns that help lead to his happiness. So I wanted him to write down as many of these words as he could come up with on a separate page and put a bubble around them. I then asked him to compile sub-points below the positive words, which would act as the habits and activities that help manifest more of that positive word into his daily life. Now he had the goals (the words in bubbles) and the building blocks (sub-points) to help him get to more of those positive words that improve his happiness.

Then, after he had his list, I told him to begin meditating and visualizing on those words every single morning when he wakes up as if they’re already in his life in abundance. I told him to imagine scenarios in his mind that would help conjure up those positive feelings that made him feel really good and purposeful in his life.

While just a small step, the idea for him was for him to realize that happiness was a possibility for him. He’d gone so dark that he had simply forgotten that he’d ever even been happy before. What can happen is we become our own worst enemy and we build a default, innate negative mind construct that forces us to live in suffering. So, it just requires us reminding ourselves and becoming better aware of what things make us feel good. Once we know what we need to feel good, and we seed and manifest those patterns into our life, daily, we begin to build better patterns to live the type of life that is going to make us happy and help us live with purpose.

Suffering is a choice


We can either choose to play the victim of our story or become the hero of our story. Every day we have the choice to champion our stories or we have the choice to play victim and allow ourselves to suffer. I believe this whole-heartedly. We’re our problem but we’re also our solution. Knowing that, it can make so you mad at yourself because you know that it’s your own fault that you’ve wasted time or have decided to live unhappily for so long because you’ve been feeling sorry for yourself and chosen to play victim.

But the empowering part is that it also gives us the power entirely within ourselves, to change our lives, at any given moment.

Suffering entails holding onto hate, bitterness, resentment and toxicity to set up shop in our minds and hearts. Some people hold huge resentment in their heart for things people may have did to them in the past: perhaps an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who betrayed them. Or we loathe ourselves for mistakes we’ve made and regrets we hold onto. Or we allow ourselves to remain entrenched to the pain and anger of traumatic experiences because the self-destructive narrative is familiar and allows us to avoid change. Only when we release anger and hate towards others, and most importantly, forgive ourselves can we free and empower ourselves to be truly happy.

This is where we must make the choice if we want to continue to play victim to our life? Or become the champion of our circumstances and become our hero?

When you marry yourself to suffering it means you want to pin blame to others for your misfortune, brokenness and unhappiness, which relinquishes your power, in turn creating a perpetual cycle of misery you can’t escape from because you’ve given the keys to your happiness to forces outside of your control.

When we understand that we can remove suffering by making a choice to step into love. Every day. We have the choice. It gives us the keys to our own happiness and the power that we only have to live in suffering for as long as we let ourselves.

Don’t stop engaging with your life


You know that scene in the movie ‘Top Gun’ when Maverick has disengaged from the fight and is leaving Ice Man all by himself without backup? He’s tormented by his last flight that ended in disaster when his partner and best friend, Goose, was killed. He’s scared to face his fears of flying without his best friend and fly after what had happened last time. This is a pivotal moment that makes or breaks Maverick. Of course we all know what ends up happening — he engages, becomes the hero, gets the girl and the rest is Hollywood history.

That scene is exactly what I think of when I say ‘Engage’ vs. ‘Disengage’ with your life. This is because happiness, fulfilment and purpose in life is on the other side of what happens when we display courage and overcome fear. Some of us have self-sabotaging habits that cause us to continuously disengage with our life which makes us miserable and depressed, while really happy people are constantly engaging with their life, facing problems, displaying courage and continuously striving to improve their life.

It’s the same reason why the alcoholic drinks themselves to sleep every night. While the pot head can’t go a day without being high. Why the junkie can’t function without drugs in their veins. Or why the Netflix binge watcher wastes so much time watching every single fucking show that drops on Netflix. This type of behaviour is inherent avoidant behaviour. It’s trying to fill a gap where something is missing. It’s avoiding facing life. Avoiding facing responsibility. Avoiding facing your fears. Avoiding the (daunting) task of making changes in your life that will actually make you happier but they require a whole lot of really fucking scary work that you just don’t feel like doing right now. So you DISENGAGE DISENGAGE DISENGAGE. This leads to guilt. This perpetual guilt leads to self-loathing and misery.

The reason why the middle-aged housewife drinks an entire bottle of wine every night is probably because she’s bored with her life or bored with her marriage. If she were sober she’d have to face the sobering reality of the fact that her marriage has zero passion or laughter in it.

The reason why the pothead gets high is because it makes mindless things more interesting and makes him or her feel better about doing less. It’s a mind-altering way of allowing yourself to settle, comfortably.

Netflix binge-watchers can even get so enamoured with the worlds they’re inhabiting on the screen that their own life becomes shittier in comparison and they continue to binge because “that world” is more exciting and makes them feel better than their own life. This becomes a really big fucking problem because they get attached to this fictional world, while forgoing the work they need to be putting into their own lives.

But you’re the happiest in your life and feel the best about yourself when you’re FACING YOUR SHIT. When you’re tackling your life head on. When you’re putting time into your personal relationships. When you’re making progress on your dream. When you’re taking care of yourself and making your health a priority. When you’re speaking to yourself with love and focusing on your spirituality and mental state-of-mind.

This could mean going to see a therapist for something that you’ve been dealing with internally for years, but avoiding because of all the shit about your past that is going to be hashed up in the process. The thought of dealing with it and going back scares the absolute shit out of you. You put it off for years and years. It continues to eat away at you because you know that this issue is what’s holding you back but you know the process of going through it is going to be scary and force you to face the darkest parts of your life. But you fucking do it, somehow, anyway. And you push through. And after a while the scary thing doesn’t seem so scary anymore and you slowly begin to get control over it. And then eventually you make that scary thing your bitch…and now what happens? You release a giant weight off your soul that instantaneously makes you feel so fucking free, powerful and capable.

We’re the happiest when we engage with our life because we want to feel like we’re making progress. In all aspects of our life, we want to feel we’re moving forward in some way. Facing your life head on — full engagement — means you’re accepting responsibility for everything you are and everything your life is right now, but also understanding that you have the power to change it. This creates confidence and energy because slowly you start to feel better about yourself and your life. An energy is created from this constant engagement, which builds momentum and then once again your life begins to start rolling with positive energy.

We all have different ways that we disengage and avoid the things we need to be doing and dealing with to make our lives better. Different ways that we avoid. But just understand that on the other side of overcoming the hard stuff in our life is where we will find the most joy and freedom because it allows us to empower ourselves by feeling really good about our life and how we’re choosing to show up.

Find your purpose and answer the call of your soul


Okay. I’m going to fill you in on the spiritual mantra that I live by. It’s called “Follow the whispers of the Universe. For they will lead you to your future.” Some hyper-realists and pragmatic people will roll their eyes at such a statement. But this is what I believe. While a religious person will call it “God,” a spiritual person will call it the “Universe”. Essentially the same thing.

It’s all based on authenticity and alignment. The happiest and most joyful people are living lives that are authentically their own. Their souls are unbound. Free. Liberated. Empowered. Fully-Formed. They’re living life on their own terms. The way that God intended them to live. We all have unique callings in this life. Callings of the “soul”. They’re things that make us feel alive and light us up. They’re things that make us feel like ourselves. They make us feel that we are unique, special and have something to offer.

The question is: do we follow the whispers of the Universe? Do we answer the call of our soul?

When we answer the calls and follow the whispers, they lead us towards a more authentic and aligned life. In all facets of our life — friendships, career choices, lifestyle changes, romantic relationships. We all have a voice inside of ourselves that is directing us towards certain things, while directing us away from other things. Our ability to accurately summon that voice and follow it is what determines how free and happy we can become.

What happens is people ignore these calls from their soul. They stay in a bad relationship because having someone is better than having nobody. They work a job they hate because it’s safe. They continue to live in such a way that makes them miserable because they’re scared to make a big change in their life. So they ignore the call of their soul. In turn, bounding and imprisoning their souls to chains of conformity and unhappiness. They shut off their soul and live such a life that dims the light they need to shine on the world.

But when we answer the call of our soul. When we break out of that toxic relationship. When we quit that job we hate and take the risk of chasing something we’re passionate about. When we get rid of friends that are holding us back and find new friends who support our dreams. When we quit bad habits and develop new ones that enrich our lives. We get closer to divinity within ourselves and allow our souls to live to their greatest capabilities.

We align ourselves to our truth. The more honest of a life we live for ourselves, the best chance we have to achieve greatness, build a legacy and find real purpose in our lives.

So if you’re unhappy…ask yourself if you’re following and listening to the call of your soul? Are you living from your soul? Living from your heart? The happiest people in this world have answered the call of their soul. They have followed its whisper until it became a full-on fucking scream. It’s just up to you if you have enough faith in the power of the direction its leading you.

What I can promise you is that by following its call you will find a life that is uniquely yours. Not a life that was expected of you or set out for you by someone else. One that was set up by you. By who you are with all the gifts and talents you were given.

Purpose arrives when find the light inside of yourself, inside your soul and you have the courage to shine its light on the world.

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