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How To Recognize A Sleazy Searcher At The Bar

Do you have a friend that will talk to every single girl at the bar when he goes out?

If you do, then you have a friend who is a “Sleazy Searcher”.

Read below and you will find out who this guy is, how he tries to pick-up women, why he’s not successful, as well as the one upside to having a friend like this.

There are guys who see something and go for it. They don’t have that moment of hesitation where they psych themselves out, like a lot of guys do. The sleazy searchers are those guys. They see a girl walking through the club, or standing next to the bar, and they approach her immediately — as if it were a natural instinct just to pounce. But while these guys may be great openers, it doesn’t mean they are successful. But one thing is certain, you can’t deny their balls.

I like to refer to the sleazy searchers as “bar salesmen”. They circumnavigate the bar on a dutiful mission to pick-up a girl and they abide by the mantra: “For every nine no’s, there’s going to be one yes.”

Much like a greasy salesmen, to them, picking up women is a numbers game.

What are his methods?

He either pulls her directly into a spin and twirl dance move — without even speaking to her first, might I add.

He might even just blurt out, “How you doin sexy?” to a beautiful girl walking by — or another line just as direct and unoriginal.

Or maybe he gets lucky and comes across a girl who is drunk enough, or naïve enough to find his over-obvious game to be charming. Again, his methods rarely work on girls (at least the quality ones), but he will try enough times until he’s successful.

Why his methods don’t work.

Well, for starters, he startles girls when he suddenly appears hovering at their side, or when he jumps directly in their path en route to the dance floor. Sleazy searchers forgo the necessary eye contact and body language communication before approaching a girl — instead they see, and they go, instantly coming on strong and crowding girls’ exits, which, in turn, cause them to have to break their way out using their six-inch Stilettos as weapons.

There’s always the “she wasn’t drunk enough” excuse (sad but true). So he may have just timed it poorly otherwise she’d be more receptive to his “in your face” approach. If this is the case, he’ll keep moving through the crowd until he finds the perfect drunk girl.

BUT, the most determining reason why his strategy (or lack thereof) fails is because of his established motive — he has been working through the bar and doing his rounds the entire night and has already been pinpointed the evening’s notorious player. For this reason alone, he has cut himself off from the most quality half of women in the place. All he has left are the super drunk girls, the emotionally confused ones who can’t resist the bad boy, or the naïve girls who didn’t pick up on his behaviour. Now he’s hard-pressed to find a girl who hasn’t seen him hit on, and get rejected, by every other girl in the place.

Assuming that not all the girls at the bar are completely incoherent, women may simply turn down his advances to protect their reputation. The truth is that his come-ons might be flattering, he may be attractive, or maybe she just wants to get laid, and on that night, she isn’t really too picky who the guy is. Perhaps under different circumstances she would have entertained his advances, but she’s with her girlfriends tonight who are well aware that he’s the player type, so she rejects the guy to stave off a potential shot to her reputation.

Truth is sleazy searchers do have really high numbers, just by the laws of probability. They may get rejected more than other guys, but they eventually find a girl fresh on the rebound and looking to make an ex jealous, or a girl stupid enough to get duped by his “game”.

Although this guy does deserve credit for the mere size of his balls and his ability to brush rejection off like lint on his dress pants, he needs to be aware of the horrible impression he gives to himself and everyone associated with him.

Then again, it may not be the end of the world having at least one friend who’s like this, because we all need a friend to introduce us to the pretty girl and make us look better at the same time.

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